My First Culling

We had a rooster.


We got a rooster because I read that they protect the flock, they help dig for insects, and they complete the natural social structure for the hens. Our rooster failed to do all of those things. He also became a killer. Well, not really, but after a while I could no longer look away when he was near. It was like playing the Mario castle levels IRL, with Boo chasing you every time you turn away.

At first, our girls really enjoyed Tio, as we affectionately called him. Anne ran up to me laughing, saying, “He runs after us and bumps off of us.” Because he would chase them and then jump up to attack with his spurs like a ninja. He was a bantam so he would just bounce off. Until, one day, Anne fell while being chased by Tio. He jumped on her and started frantically pecking her. I heard her screaming and ran to help. Once I got there, Tio ran. Anne had no discernable injuries, but three days later, Tio was gone.

Maybe our mistake was, we put him with pullets who were two months younger or he was such a smaller breed. I’m not sure, but with the constant humping of the birds, crowing all day, and the eventual attack on Anne, he had to go.


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