A Natural Cleaning Solution that’s a SOLUTION

My Mom taught me how to clean in the good old-fashioned way 409,  bleach, mildew remover, and more bleach.  I mean bless her heart, she was desperately trying to raise a household of five children without more breakouts of infantigo, pinworms, and fewer flu incidents.

Too make a sad story very brief, my mom died of cancer 6 years ago.  Cancer sucks, but what sucks even more than cancer is conventional cancer treatment.  Just like her cleaning, my mom did everything thoroughly, so she said yes to every conventional treatment recommended under the moon from chemo to stem cell transplants.

After my mom’s cancer and the experiences of other very dear people in my life, I became terrified of getting cancer.  I gave up cleaning the bathroom to my husband.  Partly because I don’t like cleaning the bathroom.  Mostly because I was so terrified of the fumes from cleaners that I couldn’t bring myself to breath in all the toxins.  Yes, I’m selfish enough to risk my husband to carcinogens but not me.

Solution to the problem!  Vinegar and Tea Tree oil.  WOW! what a difference.  I can spray my dining table after dinner and watch without fear as my sensory seeking children lick it off the table (I know that’s weird, but that’s small children with sensory issues).  Now my husband and I can’t even walk down the cleaning isle at a store without gagging.  Lack of exposure to these harsh chemicals makes us far more sensitive to their smells.  Stop using them!  They’re poison!  If something smells poisonous,  IT IS!

We use our trusty spray bottle filled with vinegar and tea tree oil to clean everything:  bathroom, table, kitchen, rabbit’s cage, etc.  It kills the germs and vinegar is actually a deodorizer, so things smell better afterwords.  It even works on mattresses and furniture when a kid has an accident.

Here’s a recipe similar to what we use.  I’m not a natural cleaner pro, but as the needs arise Jimmy and I find safe alternatives to lessen exposure (emphasis on lessening exposure) to those nasty carcinogens.  One of my heroes is Chris from https://www.chrisbeatcancer.com/.  His information and philosophy of a healthy lifestyle and cancer prevention has been revolutionary in my life.  Check it out!


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