Community Gardens

IMG_20150821_185442857.jpgThis is the first year of owning our own home.  Before that we lived in an apartment building with no yard and a front strip of “lawn” that was less then desirable for little ones to be playing.  Not to mention my children were bolters and living on a busy albeit residential street was terrifying.

Jimmy and I looked into a community garden.  Kilbourn Park has a fabulous one.  My sister joined us, and we loved it.  Our babies crawled around and ate unclaimed strawberries right off the plant as we successfully grew tomatoes, jalapeños, sweet peppers, swiss chard, herbs, and tons of zucchini.

Community gardens are perfect for the city apartment dwellers who don’t even have access to a small patio garden.  We didn’t have to buy and store any gardening tools.  They were available for use at the garden.  A gardening hose was available at all times, and some compost was provided.  Like all endeavors nothing is perfect, I promise someone stole my green peppers just before I got there to pick them.

The price at the time to rent a plot was reasonable, and we enjoyed a summer of the best eating we’ve ever had.

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