God’s Provision doesn’t have to be Practical

A very wise and dear friend of mine recently told me, “God loves to give and provide for his children.”

Randomly a couple of months ago,  Jimmy saw me watching parrot you-tubes and searching craigslist for a parrot.  “What are you doing?”  He caught me.  Then he confessed to his own identical recent obsession with parrots!  Why?  I don’t even like animals.

We learned Parrots are EXPENSIVE! Jimmy and I were like no way can we afford a parrot.  Food and paying the mortgage is a higher priority.  I really felt peace that we were going to get a parrot, and God was going to give us one.  I’m not a “name it and claim it” kind of girl, but for some odd reason beyond my reasoning,  I believed God would give us a parrot.  Guess what?!!!! HE DID!  Jimmy found a pet adoption website http://www.rescueme.org/ , and a woman was looking to re-home her parrot.  She had 3 other families in the runnings, but  picked us. We got the bird, the cage, toys, all for free!!!! Jimmy took our oldest Ramona and brought home our green cheeked conure now known to us as Fiesta.


A bird isn’t  a need.  It’s a want.  Yet God used that  little bird to show us his love for us.



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