Raccoon Season

Woke up the other morning to a screeching sound. I thought it was Ramona crying so I got out of bed to check on her. As I do now, I checked my neighbor’s roof for raccoons on my way to her room. That should not be a normal activity, but if your neighbor has 3+ raccoons living in their roof you do these sort of things. This morning, I saw a most disturbing sight.

Yes, that is raccoons mating. Which means soon we’ll have baby raccoons scurrying across our neighbors roof. She’s in her 90’s and hard of hearing. I tried calling 311, going to my alderman’s office, and putting a complaint through the 311 website. So far, no results. They said only a private company will take care of it, but that’s expensive and I can’t pay for that. If you have any advice, please let me know.


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