Chicago Snow and its Effects on Chicago Parking

Chicago has an unwritten code for parking in snowy weather.  Whoever digs out the space OWNS the space.  Yes, all of a sudden public property becomes private.  Chairs, crates, whatever’s handy marks the space to whoever shoveled out the space.  You might ask, “What happens if you want a space that has been claimed by a chair?”  DO NOT REMOVE THE ITEMS TO PULL IN YOUR VEHICLE.  Or do so at YOUR OWN RISK.  You risk your tires being slashed, car being keyed, among other horrifying results.

Have we done this? Have Jimmy and I considered ourselves so self important as to claim city property as our own personal property just because of a shovel?  OF COURSE!  It’s called sweat equity.  Now we have a miraculous driveway, but for many a year we participated in this long standing Chicago tradition.

Chicagoans know this is a ridiculous practice, but Chicagoans are a ridiculous, bold, and crass people who do what they want.  Here’s a craigslist ad that I woke up to this morning that brought a smile to my face and inspired this post 🙂



favorite this post FREE vintage wooden dinner table chair+plastic patio chair 

Giving away free furniture to anyone willing to pick it up.

-priceless vintage wooden chair
-heavy duty plastic patio chair
-metal rod free w/ combolocated 3828-3816 N Lamon Ave
Chicago, IL 60641
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers



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