chicken coop new and improved

“If you build it they will come!”  or for us rather “They have come; we need to build”.  Ya our old coop was crap.  I mean it kept our five chickens alive but that’s about it.  Then one day as we ate our dinner our neighbor rang our bell and told us our chickens got out and were in their front driveway.  THEY WEREN’T OURS, BUT THREE BEAUTIFUL CHICKENS BECAME OURS.  For this born and city raised girl it was the first time I took in any sort of stray and it wasn’t a cat or dog, IT WAS  3 CHICKENS!!!

The next day after showing them to our girls and having them name these beauties.  We returned home from a soccer game only to find the 3 strays GONE.  G..O..N..E.. GONE! I confess my first paranoid thought was “SOMEONE STOLE THEM!” I looked at my broken children and realized that they didn’t need to experience another lost (sadly Fiesta is no longer with us) .  I went to the feed store and bought 3 replacement chicks.

After what seemed like being in the car for HOURS AND HOURS our family exhausted returned home from the store.  Jimmy glanced down the hill toward the ally and spotted 3 chickens strutting across.  We found them!  Those naughty chickens had escaped.  We secured them in a safer temporary structure.

If you haven’t done the math that puts us at 11 chickens!!!!!!!

I mean praise God! but how on earth were we going to house these chickens.  Carpentry skills aren’t our strength and money is tight! Jimmy’s parents chipped in and Jimmy designed a custom coop with the help of a builder.  Jimmy picked it up in Wisconsin on a U-haul pickup truck,.  He could probably go on and on about why this is the perfect coop design blah blah blah, but I enjoy just having more than enough space to house and protect our 11 chickens.

Side note- Jimmy will probably do a post on this but I just wanted to make clear that going from 5 to 11 chickens doesn’t make a difference at all as far as smell, flies, or noise.  There’s ample space which keeps things in perfect order!  The only difference is MORE EGGS!



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