Our dream is swiftly becoming a reality. It was supposed to be our two year goal. However, Homeward Bound Farm is thinning their herd, and who can resist? We can’t. Jimmy and I have been pouring over this farm for nearly a year and its owner has answered many of our questions. She’s passionate about her animals and about breeding them for their purpose, dairy. We settled on the mini nubian breed months ago due to their milk quality, quantity, personality, and smaller size….and the ears.

The whole family went to visit the goats out in Wisconsin and pick from the ones on sale. We decided on a momma and her baby. We have a downpayment down and we’re preparing for their arrival in a few weeks. They’re a leap of faith, but God is providing in more ways than one 🙂

Momma (Peppercorn)

Peppercorn wasn’t technically for sale, but the family at Homeward Bound Farm thought she’d be a good fit for us. After meeting her, we agreed.

doeling (Nira)

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