Allergic to your pet or your pet’s food?

I have a working theory. Jimmy and Anne are allergic to dogs and cats. Anne breaks out into hives at least once every time we visit her grandparents who have both dogs and cats. If a dog licks her skin she sometimes breaks out into immediate hives. Jimmy’s hand broke out into hives once when my dad’s dog licked him.

When we decided to get a rabbit, allergies were my chief concern. I didn’t want to get a pet without knowing if it was going to be an issue. People are allergic to rabbits less often than other pets, but it’s still common.

My theory is this. It’s not our pets we’re allergic to; it’s what we feed them. Think about it. What’s in your dog’s saliva? What’s in your cat’s dander? The same thing that you put in their bodies comes out! People are the same way. For example, Anne gets immediate hives if she comes into contact with safflower oil.  If safflower oil is in a dog’s food, it’s going to be in it’s saliva thus causing a reaction on her  newly licked skin. What is really in the pet food? Well the pet food industry is HUGE! People used to feed their animals table scraps. Now we buy packaged pet food derived from waste products of producing packaged people food. Check this out. GROSS.

Our animals get sick. Vets make bagoogles of $$$ of this. Scratch that, not vets, pharmaceutical companies. I mean chemo for your dog? Come on!

It doesn’t hurt to try.   Stop taking an allergy pill every day to ward off some of your pet allergies. Instead change your pet’s diet into something real! Give your kitty fish! Give your dog some old fashioned table scraps and real meat. Not only is it less wasteful, IT’S HEALTHIER. Just test it. See if by removing packaged pet food thereby decreasing unknown and known toxic ingredients you are healthier and no longer have adverse reactions to your pets. Maybe your pet’s frequent gas, tummy aches, puking, and other illnesses will go away as well. Test my hypothesis!

FYI Our entire family is free of allergies and adverse reactions to Foxie. Foxie is on a hay, fresh produce, and only supplemental, organic, high quality pellets. The pellets are used sparingly, usually when we need to take a trip to the grocery store 😉

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