Culinary Herbs

The one true gardening success I have had is my culinary herb garden.  My daughter with sensory processing disorder loved shopping with me for culinary herbs.  She picked each one based on how it smelled. It kept her calm and occupied while I finished shopping at the nursery.  🙂img_20180804_1027546112146240972.jpg

Herb List

  • lavender  –  has not taken off
  • peppermint – all my mints have grown fabulously and taste great in fruit smoothies, teas, sautes etc.
  • rosemary – I guess it’s doing ok but like the lavender it hasn’t done a whole lot
  • sage – sage…. i don’t even know why i bought this stuff, maybe for Thanksgiving lol
  • parsley – tasted good in my potatoes this morning 🙂
  • apple mint- this might be my favorite mint to have in teas
  • sweet mint
  • sweet basil – did surprisingly well considering the partial shade I have it in
  • thai basil- I thought i needed to keep clipping the flowers to encourage new growth. Once I left it alone it really took off.
  • cilantro – I let it flower and am looking forward to collecting my coriander seeds.
  • chamomile – flowered prettily and I got a decent amount to dry with just one season
  • dill
  • oregano
  • lemon balm- OK this stuff is insane.  Super aggressive. I LOVE IT but be careful and stay on top of it because that stuff will cover your entire property in a minute.
  • thyme- It has grown well but not vigorously.  I hope it multiplies next year.

I have a small patch in my yard right next to my kitchen door (4’x5.5′).

A few times in the season, I clip and dry with some string.  I use a paper clip to hang from a line and use masking tape to make labels.  It’s hard for me to tell the plants apart once they’re dried.




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