Got Our New Goats

We got our Mini-Nubian goats today. They are a mom and baby, which should help with the transition. The momma’s name is Peppercorn and the baby is Nira. We decided on these because of their sweet personality and strong milk lineage.

Day one has been good. The car ride was wild. Living in the city, it was funny to think that I had two goats in my trunk and no one could tell. The goats cried a couple times at the beginning of the drive but were quiet the majority of the hour and a half drive.

When we arrived home, they were a bit stressed and unsure. They mostly stayed in their goat shed and ate hay. They are country goats so the sounds of the city was hard on them. Each car driving by, acorn hitting our roof, and dog bark perked Peppercorn’s ears and sent her head spinning. We’ve spent most of the day in the goat run with them as they implicitly trust us, which says a lot about the care of the breeder. This has visibly calmed them down and within a couple hours they were chewing their cud, which is a sign of calmness.

We are very excited for this next stage of our urban farm.

These goats came from  Homeward Bound Farm. The breeder focuses on Mini Nubians with strong milk lines and docile personalities.

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  1. Kathryn Groth says:

    Thanks for being a great home for Peppercorn and Nira, miss those girls so much but know they’ll be well cared for! Loved having your beautiful family visit & would love to get together again…looking forward to seeing your goat kids in spring!

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