Barn or Garage Kitties

Picky Picky and Hobbes

Productive pets has taken on a whole new meaning with our newest additions to Lakeshore Hill.  We store bales of hay and straw in our garage, so we wanted some mice catchers. Picky Picky and Hobbes are two 4-5 month kittens that now live in our barn/garage.  Our plan is to keep them in a cage for 5 (3 more to go) weeks total until they establish their territory.

We tried adopting from a local shelter, but we were deemed unfit cat owners reportedly because I marked “indoor/outdoor” on the application.  Jimmy and I were just grateful we didn’t tell the girls it was happening.  In their minds we were just on an animal shelter field trip.  Ramona was a little appalled by the lack of care for other creatures besides dogs and cats in this so called shelter.  She also made a point that their toys had feathers and thus were training the cats to hunt birds.  We had just learned this on a youtube preparing for adopting kittens.  “Birds are animals to, not just cats! Can I tell them?” Romana.  I told her she could tell them if she wanted, but she either forgot or decided against it.

We ended up getting them from a farm!  It’s perfect.  They’re old enough that they have learned some skills from their mother yet young enough that I’m not terrified I’ve subjected my children to a feral animal.  Picky Picky and Hobbes have adjusted beautifully in the past two weeks.  They’re still in the cage, but the girls each go in twice a day to pet and hold them.  They never show any aggressive behaviors towards the girls which is a relief for my cat wary self.

Each evening we bang on the feed cans to condition them that it means to eat.  Our plan is to always lock the cats securely in the garage at night.  This way they’ll know dinner is happening and it’s time to be in the garage.  I want them hunting mice in the garage at night not the neighborhood.  We also want to keep them out of as much danger as we can.  We’ll see how it goes. We’re new to this but as the farmer told us, “It’s the same life I gave them.  On my farm they lived in a barn with hay.  On your farm they’ll live in a garage with hay”.


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