Drying Herbs at Lakeshore Hill Farm


 What you need

  1. string
  2. paper clips
  3. masking tape
  4. marker
  5. scissors
  6. fresh herbs!


How to dry herbs

  1. Trim cut the plant
  2. Rinse the plant
  3. Use string to wrap and paper clip to hang herb
  4. label the herb if necessary (often difficult to tell apart if drying multiple herbs)
  5. Even store bought herbs can be dried. This is a nice way to store fresh herbs before you lose them.

How to store herbs

Once completely dried store in mason jars and keep out of direct light.

I prefer not to tear apart the plant at this stage because the herbs hold their freshness better.

Leaves, stems, and flowers are edible and hold flavor!  Nothing should be wasted.

Coriander – seeds from cilantro




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