Morning Chores in the Cold

Fall is here. Days are shorter, and today officially marks the seasonal drop in temperature. Today is a high of 49*F. Any moment my babies will walk down the stairs hoping beyond hope that their Daddy took care of the chickens and let the goats out of the shed. Baby #3 will inevitably expect to do chores in a sun dress. Baby #2 will whimper as she pulls on some socks. Baby #1 will run to the chores calendar and desperately hope that it’s her turn to stay indoors and feed Foxie.

In less than an hour there will be yelling, crying, and whimpering as each baby changes into appropriate clothing. Struggling and pushing will ensue in the hall closet as they fuss and squirm into scarves, mittens, and jackets.

I will make threats, yell words of encouragement, and eventually the chores will get done. Cold little hands will warm, and breakfast will be served.

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