Seven Steps to Acclimating Barn Cats in the City

It worked!

  1. Got new kittens and kept them in a covered x-pen for 4 weeks
  2. Cats were immediately given access to covered box for sleeping and litter box.
  3. Held them and played with them everyday.
  4. Both Cats got fixed and immunized
  5. Cats were conditioned to eat every evening to the sound of us banging the feed cans.
  6. After 4 weeks in the x-pen, Cats were given freedom of entire garage without access to outdoors for one week
  7. After a total of 5 weeks, both kittens were allowed to go in and out of barn at will only during the day.

We are very excited. They played beautifully and explored the immediate area around the garage, but mainly just wanted to hunt behind the hay bales. Their gentleness with the children is astounding, and they love their home.



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