Creating a Native Woodland

I’m pumped.  I made my first seed order yesterday.  These seeds need to be planted in the fall so they germinate and come up in the Spring.  I came across this fabulous online store Prairie Moon Nursery.  They strictly focus on native, non-cultivated species.  Also, they actually have woodland species, which is AMAZE-BALLS.

Here are my goals

  2. Endangered native plants
  3. Grow variety of medicinal and edible native plants – I’ve learned that literally everything fits in one of these two categories so #easy
  4. Embrace rather than fight what I have which is a fully shaded deciduous micro forest.
  5. Give my plants the freedom to spread and naturalize gloriously uninhibited.
  6. Native plants that bring erosion control
  7. Native plants that will help soak up water in areas where water retention is an issue

Caulophyllum thalictroides - Blue Cohosh THALICTROIDES – BLUE COHOSH – This plant is highly medicinal- This plant loves deep shade of which we have aplenty.

Podophyllum peltatum - May ApplePODOPHYLLUM PELTATUM – MAY APPLE- Has fruit that are edible

Aquilegia canadensis - Columbine CANADENSIS – COLUMBINE-some sources say it’s medicinal, but also it’s just one of my favorites
Solidago flexicaulis - Zig Zag GoldenrodSOLIDAGO FLEXICAULIS – ZIG ZAG GOLDENROD- This plant naturalizes and spreads easily which works well for our property at Lakeshore Hill Farm
Rudbeckia laciniata - Wild Golden GlowRUDBECKIA LACINIATA – WILD GOLDEN GLOW- A sunflower that is native to woodlands! It grows to 7′ tall and will work well for erosion control on the hill.  The Wild Golden Glow also spreads and seeds itself well.

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