Elderberries & Goat’s Beard


We got more native woodland plants.

Fall is the time to buy perennials.  The sales at Christy Webber Farm and Garden were 25-75% off.  Overall I’ve had a very difficult time finding nurseries in the area that carry native woodland species let alone at affordable prices.  My new plants may not look like much right now, but I have high expectations for this spring!

img_20181029_101904561_hdrElderberry (Sambucus canadensis) – I’m super pumped to get an American Elderberry.  They’re medicinal and edible! One was planted on the hill just outside of the chicken run to help prevent erosion.  The other was put in the front of the house to fill in otherwise unused visual space.  Elderberry does prefer sun to partial shade, so here’s hoping I put it in a sunny enough space.






Goat’s Beard (Aruncus dioicus) – I love this stuff and not just because I love goats ;).  It naturalizes, gets tall, and has these lovely white flowers. I intentionally placed it next to the goat shed, so it will be a lovely feature as we come up the driveway. Also, because I like the play on words :).

Virginia Waterleaf (hydrophyllum virginianum)- Impulse buy! This plant was not on my must haves list, but it was native and likes shade, and it was cheap soooooo




Wild Geranium (geranium maculatum)- We shall see how my heart responds to this one.  I do love that the leaves currently have some lovely fall color. I put it in a spot where I’m currently growing some hideous, NON-native garlic.  Slowly but surely, I’m trying to replace non-native species with natives.








Straight-styled Wood Sedge (Carex radiata)- A little nervous that its location is a little too much shade, but well worth the risk.  It’ll add some fresh green to the area and help with erosion along what will soon be our path.



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