Training our Naughty Goats

Are goats really naughty? As I’ve learned and am learning, goats just like any other animal need to be trained. Nira thinks she is large and in charge! I called my breeder & goat guru and she advised me on a few things.

  1. We need to halter train our goats with this halter from Amazon. This will be a weekend intensive. The reason we need to halter train is because we need to safely transport the goats from the goat pen into the barn for milking.
  2. Nira especially needs more gate training! OMW Your goat should never beeline it out of the gate! Jimmy and I are going to spend 30-45 minutes a day starting Friday. Every time Nira attempts to exist. “No Nira”, gently tweek her ears, and walk towards her so she has to back up.
  3. The girls need to be involved in the process. Nira and Peppers need to be able to see, all of us as heard leaders. People are always in charge never the goat. Each of my children needs to be able to halter the goats, lead them, and be an authority in the goat pen.

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