The flu Slowed me down to EXPLORE

I have a new obsession.   A week with the flu gave me ample time to explore youtube.  Randomly,  I came across Kirsten Dirksen with  Her channel has over 914,000 subscribers.  She takes her family really around the world and explores people’s ideal homes or shelters.  The documentaries are fabulous quality and topics discussed are simple living, living small, farming, architecture, urban farming etc.  THEY’RE AMAZING. It’s simply people telling their stories, sharing their passion, and educating and inspiring the viewer in the processes.

A few of my favorites that lend information for urban farming and goals for Lakeshore Hill Farm are as follows

Self-reliance in LA: backyard farming + radical home economics

Nebraska retiree uses earths’s heat to grow oranges in snow

Dryland harvesting home hacks sun, rain, food & surroundings

Farmhouse in a hangar: NJ modern home creates a world within

Tiny Texas Houses’ “Willy Wonka” on making magic reusing wood

The videos go on and on and on.  I’m so glad the flu gave me the time to explore! A few ideas that have now come to me for Lakeshore Hill are turning our garage into a greenhouse!, use dryland techniques for watering garden rather than using city water, and most importantly casting aside the fear of making mistakes and explore and improve through doing!

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