French Angoras @ Lakeshore Hill Farm

Both of our Angoras have now been re-homed!


Unfortunately Anne’s symptoms are only getting worse and worse.  Concerned for her health and safety, we’ve decided to sell our rabbits.  If interested in high quality wool, or just gentle pets  please Contact us.  They’re 4 months old, very friendly, their parents were papered, and we’ve started to litter box train them.  We were excited to start this new venture at the farm, but everything is a learning experience.

The farm got new additions yesterday. We got two French Angora rabbits. These are a dual purpose breed (meat and fiber). I’m mainly interested in the wool. The girls are excited to make money by helping. Other chores on the farm they do because they’re a part of the family. The bunnies will be a little business for me and the girls to earn spending money.

We are having to take a wait and see attitude because Anne is very allergic to them thus far. She is coughing like crazy when she’s around them. We’re hopeful that changing their diets to a more healthy one will help. They were never given hay by their previous owner and only cheap commercial rabbit pellets. Today I’m going to switch them over to organic grains that we personally mixed for our Mini Rex rabbit Foxie. We all had itchy throats with Foxie and the kitties when they first arrived. Our bodies got used to them and they were put on healthier food (with less allergens that affected us humans).

Hopefully in a few days Anne isn’t as reactive to them and we can keep them. Currently they’re in the basement, but I’m leaning towards making the Angoras outside rabbits and only bringing them in when it’s time for grooming/wool harvesting. Another option is to groom them in the garage and have a space heater for winter. This also should help Anne, but coughing needs to completely cease before I feel comfortable keeping them at all.

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