The Hypoallergenic Rabbit

After our 5 day foray into the abyss of the Angora rabbit, I can truly say without a shadow of a doubt that the Mini Rex rabbit is truly hypoallergenic.  Our Mini Rex, Foxie, has been with us 2.5 years.  Except for the initial sore throat as we altered her feed & gave her different hay, we never experienced any allergy symptoms with her.  Even our allergy prone Anne did absolutely fine with Foxie.

I didn’t think twice about getting a couple of French Angora rabbits.  We weren’t new to rabbits and already had outdoor animals including cats, goats, & chickens, without any adverse symptoms.  Poor little Anne cuddled and loved her Angoras till her coughing made her stop.  Two days this past week, Anne had to miss school because her allergies were so bad.  After just a full 24 hours after bringing home our rabbits, I knew our Angora idea was a no go and these rabbits had to be re-homed and QUICKLY!

“Do all our rabbits have to go?”  “Even FOXIE?”  It was a relief to be able to tell our little hearts that their Foxie didn’t have to go anywhere.

We’re very happy to have re-homed one of the Angoras to a little girl who will love her as much as my girls love Foxie.  And a shout out to the The Feed Store  who graciously took the other Angora off our hands.  After a long and exhausting Saturday of re-homing our two Angoras, Anne exclaimed with glee, “YAY! NO MORE ALLERGIES!”.

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