Restoring our Micro Forest

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I hope these are before pictures of something amazing! I tried to take pictures that showed the scope of how awesome but yet expansive, especially for an urban environment.  Lakeshore Hill Farm sits on  1/3rd of an acre and nearly all of it is covered with invasive species.  This will be our third growing season. The process of restoring the habitat has been slow, tedious, labor intensive, yet rewarding.  What also lends to an interesting challenge is the grading of the property.  Knowing what trees are integral to erosion control and knowing how much excavating of the land is necessary and still not harmful to the trees is daunting.

There is no path or stairs down the hill.  Every time Jimmy takes out the trash a little more of the top soil slips away.  This past weekend we put the bedding from the goats on some of the hill to both fertilize the soil and help slow down erosion.  We also planted some native grass seed.  There are random pieces of cement boulders that litter the property.  We’re not sure how much removing them will cause more erosion.  Not to mention, they’re very heavy and partially buried.   Even moving logs from the recently chopped down ash at the bottom of the hill to plant paw paws is stressing us out.  We do love having firewood!




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