The Music Room

Jimmy no longer needs a designated home office. We moved him out of the 8’x8′ room at the front of the house. It’s a clever little room that was originally built to be a Dr.’s office (according to the original blueprint). As the story goes, he actually saw patients out of the home. I don’t know how a doctor’s office could be so small unless he was a psychiatrist?

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Beautiful windows with lots of natural light

When we first bought the house the interior wall was opened into an adjacent bedroom. Most people knock down walls when they buy old houses. Our first endeavor before even moving in was to rebuild the wall and recreate two separate spaces. Sometimes smaller is better! Now we have a bedroom and what we now refer to as The Music Room.

The girls are growing up quickly. We’re now at the stage where they pick their first instrument. Anne insisted on the violin. Junie B. wanted the cello, but we couldn’t find a used one small enough. She’s satisfied with the violin like her sister (I might be the one who’s actually disappointed). Besides her obsession with her plastic, pink recorder, Ramona is interested in learning piano.

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2nd hand student violin from the 1970’s (Germany)

Our philosophy on musical lessons is very different from the one my parents had for me. Like myself growing up, they need to be playing an instrument at the very least through elementary school, but they do not have to stick with the instrument initially chosen. The girls have to commit to an instrument for a a full year. For example, Junie B. was given the option to eventually switch over to the cello when she gets a little bigger. Ramona was told she can join violin lessons with her sisters at any point because it doesn’t cost us more money to have her join her sister’s lesson. The biggest difference we’re making for the girls, piano is not a requirement. There was a rumor in the 90’s that the piano is the foundation of all instruments. Now knowing better, I’d rather my girls play an instrument they enjoy.

Wall shelves repurposed for instrument storage, work surface, & music stands

The wall shelves were originally made over 8 years ago for nursery storage. The wider shelves are old cabinet door fronts from IKEA. They’ve moved around over the years, but now they make perfect multi purpose use in our music room.

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