Chicago’s Market for a Farm Vet

There is a market for a Farm vet in the city of Chicago. It sounds crazy, but it’s true. I know it’s true because Lakeshore Hill Farm is apart of this market. Just this past week I’ve been contacted by two Chicago farms that need a goat vet. Sadly my answer wasn’t “Yes, I have a great vet. Here’s the contact info.”. Instead my reply was, “We need one too. If you find one, let me know”.

Yes, some of us have been able to find a vet willing to travel into the city, but the price is exorbitant just for the travel fee. This winter, I had to sell my triple stroller to pay my vet bill. Just because we live in a major US city, does not mean urban farmers are completely ignorant when it comes to pricing. We love our animals, just like any rural farmer. However also like rural farmers, we’re learning that we also need to be practical. I can’t pay a vet more just to come to my farm, than what my goat is worth. We love Peppers. However, she’s also here for a greater purpose than companionship. She’s a working farm animal. Her role in our lives goes deeper than a cute pet, she literally gives us nourishment.

Moral of the story, if any farm vet is willing to make Chicago one of their key markets, we’re here waiting. We’re figuring things out on Lakeshore Hill Farm. Yesterday we had our goats dehorned for the first time. A very experienced friend helped us. She learned from a vet. She watched and learned for years before she took care of her own goats. We drove 1.5 hours out into the country for a helping hand. I want a vet to watch and learn from right here in this amazing Agricultural City of Chicago!

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