When It’s Hard & a Little Less Glamorous

I thought winter would be difficult, and it was. Getting up in sub zero temperatures to break water in feed buckets was not a job made for the weak. Not giving up is also hard. Peppers successfully had her babies! YAY! And we sold them DOUBLE YAY!

Learning to milk…… Ok that’s a nightmare. Her milk stand is the worst. Basically she figured out how to slip out of the stanchion. Which means she is in charge NOT US. We used the goat sale money to order a new milk stand, but it’s been two weeks and hasn’t come in yet. They better not stiff us!

Then Jimmy got a new job. We’re super grateful and think overall it will mean good things for our family, but in the mean time it’s an adjustment. His commute is far longer, and he can’t work from home anymore. The bulk of the work now falls on me and the girls. We’re tired.

There’s a major hay shortage because of the rain. Jimmy drove 1.5 hours to a farm only to have the road closed and he couldn’t get to the property. The guy didn’t even answer his phone call & he knew Jimmy was coming!!!!! He spent 4 hours in the car to no avail.

It it worth it? Do we quit just when we’re able to reap the reward and actually get milk from these dairy goats? I don’t want to quit, but the farm was supposed to be more Jimmy’s deal than mine. I was up for the ride and have enjoyed it thoroughly but doing 75-80% of the work was not the expectation.

Our clan does not do well with change. Jimmy’s new job is change. Trying to give us time to adjust so we can make big decisions when we’re not so tired and stressed. We’re praying for wisdom in making wise decisions because I believe our heart’s desire is to persevere. However we don’t want the goats to be something to just be persevered. We want to enjoy them!

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