Our herd

Our little herd at Lakeshore Hill currently holds two Mini Nubian does.  Our goats are tested and clean of CAE & Johne’s disease.  A Mini Nubian is a cross between a Nigerian Dwarf and a Nubian.  We decided on this breed for a variety of reasons.  First they’re a mini goat which is ideal for urban farming.  They have a manageable size comparatively to that of a golden retriever.  Nigerian Dwarfs bring the small size and high butterfat.  Nubians bring larger teats for milking ease and greater milk capacity. Essentially, a Mini Nubian has the breed characters of a Nubain but with smaller stature.  What’s special about our herd is that they’re specifically bred for personality, milk production, and parasite resistance.  Some mini goats are only bred for looks. While we think our goats are beautiful, looks are not the focus. Not all herds are equal, and we’re proud to own an awesome herd from a good breeder.

Why Mini Nubians

When it came down to choosing a breed, we were initially torn between the the Nigerian Dwarf goat or the Mini Nubian. In deciding between Mini Nubians and Nigerian Dwarfs, we visited a couple herds and met both.  We fell in love with the personalities of the Mini Nubians.  Their size, while larger than the dwarfs, was not intimidating at all.  During a visit, our three year old squeezed her way through about a dozen goats and wrapped her arms around them.  It struck us how calm and peaceful these animals are. Their milk is sooo good. Mini Nubians also have a great butterfat content which not only tastes good, but makes good cheese.  For reference, most goat milk in the grocery store is from the Saanen breed.  These are the highest producing goats but very low in butterfat content.  Mini Nubians like the Nigerian Dwarfs have an efficient feed to production ratio.  Also, the EARS! We LOVE THE FLOPPY EARS.