Kidding Plan

 Kidding Plan of Peppers 

4th Generation Mini Nubians 

Dam: Little Acres Spicy Peppercorn (Lakeshore Hill Farm)
Sire: Green Gables Call of Duty *B (Homeward Bound Farm)

When: April, 2019. Separation from dam can happen two weeks after birth if bottle fed. If dam-raised, kids can be separated at two months.

Characteristics We’re Expecting:

  • Smaller end of the Mini Nubian size spectrum due to stature of Peppers and Call of Duty. Smaller size is a positive for urban farming and smaller family farms.
  • Great milk production: Call of Duty comes from award-winning milking lines and Peppers is no lightweight.
  • Personality: Peppers is incredibly affectionate and gentle.  Call of Duty, even as a buck, has a sweet, docile disposition.
  • Not the focus yet a delightful bonus, these baby goats will be beautiful! Call of Duty brings fantastic breed character. Moonspots and blue eyes are possible.

WAITING LISTLet us know if you want to be put on the waiting list for one of these anticipated baby goats! If interested or just want more information about our farm, Mini Nubians, or pricing don’t hesitate to contact us.